What is the process of booking this Wedding Venue?

  1. Visit our website for all details regarding our event packages and review frequently asked questions sheet below
  2. Review our rental agreement with a wedding coordinator by contacting mineralpointhistory@gmail.com.
  3. Email mineralpointhistory@gmail.com to inquire on your wedding dates. Your dates will be penciled in our calendar.
  4. Schedule a phone call to ask any of your questions from website or contract. Schedule an on-site tour.
  5. Pay deposit of $250 to hold your date and sign contract.
  6. As more details are decided on your event such as ceremony time, vendors, and meal time complete details in contract and communicate to our Wedding Coordinator.
  7. One month prior to your event our Wedding Coordinator will call you to answer any questions you may have an to walk thru the timing and details of your event. Our wedding coordinator will also ensure final payment and $250 refundable deposit has been received.
  8. One week prior to your event our wedding coordinator will call to answer any last-minute questions.
  9. After your event our wedding coordinator will inspect the house and grounds for damage and ensure all garbage has been removed.  When all checks out your deposit of $250 will be mailed back.

What is the cost to rent Orchard Lawn Venue for your event?

  • Wedding Rehearsal & Wedding Ceremony - $900
  • Wedding Rehearsal, Wedding Ceremony, & Reception - $1,900

What vendors are included in your wedding packages?

We are a Venue only providing exceptional event staff to manage grounds and guests & ensure proper timing of your event. Our event staff will facilitate your wedding rehearsal up to 2 days before your wedding ceremony. Wedding rehearsals can begin as early at 5PM & last 45min-1 hour depending upon your group size and promptness. You get to choose and hire your vendors for tents, chairs, tables, audio, photography, bartender, music, event rentals, flowers, etc.. Need help with locating vendors that have successfully provided services in the past for our venue? Inquire with our Manager at mineralpointhistory@gmail.com.

Where do Wedding Ceremonies take place on the property?

Outdoor garden weddings take place in our formal garden graced with gazebo providing a picturesque setting for your wedding ceremony. The wedding party emerges from the historic estate while guests are seated in the horseshoe garden filled with blooming flowers. Lastly, the bride emerges from estate, and walks down the stairs and isle to the gazebo where the groom is patiently awaiting. Our formal garden can comfortable fit 250 for a ceremony.

Smaller wedding ceremonies can be held inside the home featuring a library, parlor, and dining room, perfect for smaller events. Available year round. 

Where do Wedding Receptions take place on the property?

Wedding Receptions take place on the lawn on the West side of the home. This is the flattest portion of the property, has space for large tents, and also gives close access to electrical outlets.

When do chairs, tables, and tent need to be picked up by?

We ask that they are picked up on Sunday or Monday. Please communicate your plan with the Manager.

What if rain decides to visit Orchard Lawn for my event?

Fortunately, we have had great success in our outdoor wedding events at Orchard Lawn for many years, however, you will need to have a backup plan in place. Our staff can always adjust the wedding ceremony timing. Your reception tent with sides can also be a backup space to host your wedding ceremony. Pop up tents can also be placed on the lawn if needed.  

How much is the deposit to hold my date?

The initial deposit is $250.00 and is non-refundable. This amount will also be used towards your final cost of your event package. The balance is due one month in advance to your wedding event. We also require a deposit check of $250 which is also due one month prior to event. This deposit is held until after your event when Manager inspects house and grounds to ensure no damage, no garbage left behind, and space properly cleaned up. Should there be an issue the Manager will contact you and give you an opportunity to rectify the situation. 

What time can we have access to home on day of event?

The Standard opening time for the house is 4 hours prior to the ceremony. Earliest available time is 9AM.

Is photography allowed inside home?

Yes, photography is allowed inside our historic home however flash photography is prohibited. There is plenty of lighting in home to allow for beautiful photos. If your photographer wants to use constant light, that is allowed.

Where do guest park?

Our historic estate is located in a residential area and is uniquely surrounded by four streets. Guests can park on streets and enter the property by any of the large white gates. Parking is prohibited at church parking lot.

Do you have accessible parking available?

We have gravel driveways that can be used to drop off anyone who needs closer access to your event versus the on-street parking. We then ask drivers to park in 3 spots designated for this use or on streets. Event staff can help coordinate, just ask. 

Do you have outdoor bathrooms?

Yes, we have bathrooms at the backside of the house available for our guests. Our event staff will monitor them for cleanliness, change out garbage, and keep bathroom supplies stocked for your entire event.

Do you have a kitchen to prepare and cook food?

Our kitchen in our historical home is not state regulated therefore food cannot be cooked or reheated. Counter space is limited therefore a covered tent along side the main tent has worked best. This includes no rinsing of dishes. Our refrigerator and freezer can be used to house food, snacks, and drinks for your wedding party to consume while getting ready before your wedding ceremony. We also have a large table in our formal dining room which can be used for your wedding party.

Are garbage receptacles provided?

Yes, we provide many receptacles for garbage including a separate container for recyclables. We do not have a commercial bin to house garbage from your event. Our event staff will manage the receptacles during your event to ensure that they are tied up when full, placed in one location, and new bags added to receptacles. You will need to provide large black garbage bags for the receptacles. Removal of garbage is your responsibility and must be arranged prior to your event. Garbage cannot be left behind or added to the tenant’s garbage cans.

Can the gazebo be decorated for wedding ceremony?

Yes, flowers, tulle, and satin ribbons look lovely. We only ask that you use the existing hardware to hand up tulle curtains & flowers. We also have a hook hanging from ceiling of gazebo which showcases a hanging basket of flowers or a chandelier nicely. Electrical outlets are on backside for microphone or speakers.

Where does wedding party get ready in the home?

Gents can use the library on the main floor while ladies can use an exhibit room and large bathroom on 2nd floor. Due to doors being on each room, our Event Staff can ensure bride remains unseen before your wedding ceremony. Event staff will also monitor front door to ensure your privacy and only allow wedding party to enter the home. Our event staff will also keep wedding party on schedule to ensure party is lining up and preparing for wedding ceremony on a timely basis. Children who are in wedding party must be attended to by an adult at all times while in home. Coolers need to remain on side porches adjacent to kitchen due to the historic nature of our home. 

Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed on this historic property however we will have outdoor ashtray smoker stations set up at each gate. Event staff will have signs up and will enforce this rule.

What time does music need to end?

Mineral Point law dictates an end time of 10PM in residential areas.  Many wedding parties and guests choose to continue the party at another local establishment. Mineral Point has many to choose from. See the Chamber’s website at mineralpoint.com website for a listing.  You will have 10-11PM to clean up from your event. Because our event staff will need to be on-site until all guests leave please vacate the site by 11PM.

What if my event goes longer than planned?

Inform on-site staff and rate of $100.00 per hour can be deducted from your final deposit.

What if I need more time to clean up after my reception?

Please inform your Event Staff to find out their availability for following day. We allow one hour of clean-up on the following day, mid-morning at no additional cost however you need to make this arrangement with Event Staff. Historical Tours start at noon therefore all clean-up must be completed before this time. 

Where can guests spend the night in Mineral Point?

Mineral Point has many lodging options from hotels, guest houses, and Airbnbs. Mineral Point offers lodging that is unique and picturesque as this friendly, artistic community. Don’t forget to remind your guests to explore Mineral Point. This city of Art, architecture, and ambiance will not disappoint. Once you visit and you will be back again and again to shop, eat, sleep, and explore. See the Chamber’s website for details at mineralpoint.com.